The ski industry and snowsports schools in particular have been notoriously behind the technology curve.  Many resorts are still managing their lesson bookings and back of house processes with paper and pencil or spreadsheets at best. 

SnowCloud is aiming to revolutionize and bring the lesson booking and management experience up to the current level of technology that guests have come to expect from other industries… Think: Uber, OpenTable, Online Hotel Booking, etc…

Snowcloud is built by SNOW Operating the leader in Terrain Based Learning Programs which use shaped snow to provide a more fun first on-snow experience and works with 30 partner resorts throughout North America.

With a innovative product solely focused on the snowsports industry choosing the .SKI domain was an obvious choice in helping SnowCloud tell their story and help them stand out according to VP of Marketing & Sales, Hugh Reynolds. For SnowCloud .SKI domains, they think will them stand out from other products and services and make it clear to customers what they are all about.

If you’re in the business of skiing, snowboarding or resort management why wouldn’t you choose a .SKI?  It’s just more fun and after all we’re all in the business of fun. – Hugh Reynolds, SnowCloud

Hugh and his team have been aware of .SKI domains even before its launch in September 2015 because of the awareness and education programs that had been running through the National Ski Areas Association.

SnowCloud will be rolling out in beta with a select group of our partner resorts this winter. If you would like to find our more, click here.

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Posted on Date:
Monday, January 16, 2017