Groupify was developed by Epop Studio. Working with over 25 ski resorts building web sites, ticketing and group reservations modules. They saw a need to change how resorts handle groups.

Within ski areas the group booking process has gone unchanged, and resorts are seeing a large decrease in group bookings. The old system of 1 person calls the resort to make a reservation, they all show up at the same time and have to make 1 payment. It’s a lot of people standing around while the group leader does all the paperwork. Plus they have to have at least a certain number, for example a minimum of 15 to get group rates.

Steve Pope, the brains behind Groupify talked to several ski resorts and asked the question, if you knew a group was coming in advance and you could collect information and payment on each person would you allow a group of 6 or 8? Every resort said yes!

Groupify takes the process and puts it online. The group leader goes on the site and picks a date a time. Based on the number of people coming the system gives them a price. That offer is then shared with family and friends via email, text and social. The group members can then go online and join the group and pay in advance. The best part as the group grows, the price adjusts!

The old limitations of what is a group are removed. It can now be any number. So 6 people can get a better deal. For the resort, they are collecting information on EVERY person and the resort has full control over the pricing.

When is came to choosing the perfect web address for Groupify, the choice to pick was easy. Since Groupify is very much a ski resort product, a .SKI was the easy solution. According to Steve, a .SKI domain is easy to remember, specific on what the product is and takes out any confusion on who the market is.

Anyone doing anything that is related to ski industry from consumer to resort focus, the .ski makes perfect sense. – Steve Pope, Groupify

We asked Steve how he was made aware about .SKI domains and it turns out that a number resort clients eagerly asked him to secure .SKI domain when registration became available in September 2015.

Groupify will be at exhibiting at the NSAA convention and are located at Booth 317. We recommend you check them out.

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Monday, January 16, 2017