I always like when I find a well designed mobile app website, especially if it’s designed for the snowsports community. To me, delivering a beautiful site for an app shows that creators care about its users and product, so much so that besides developing the app, they go the extra mile in promoting the app and spreading the word about it. A website for any app also presents a great opportunity to gain more users and for getting the app seen and recognized by more people. Fluri is the perfect example of this.

Fluri is an innovative web app that uses both the web and dedicated .SKI domain name to spread their apps value across the web. Fluri is software for the ski and snowsports industry. It’s a mobile app that enhances the experience for skiers and riders out on the mountain coupled with a back-end suite of tools that give ski resorts data and a communications channel with their customers in a way that’s never been done before.

Fluri innovative app features include the ability to navigate your way around a ski area on the actual resort trail map, not a GPS or satellite view. Currently the app has over 40 resorts available with more becoming available every month. You can see where your friends are moving around the mountain, right on the same trail map, all in real time and the app allows you to keep track of all the stats your care about – runs, vertical feet, top speed, and others.

We talked to the creators of Fluri and asked them why they choose the domain name fluri.ski for their apps website. According to Jay, its founder, .SKI domains are distinctive and make it clear what the website is about. For Jay, the era of “.com” as a catch-all is ending. There’s no reason that companies in snowsports should all stick with the same domain name ending as everyone else. It’s unnecessary and does nothing to distinguish one from another. 

Industry-specific domain names are the future. .SKI helps us stand out among other software providers in the industry and elsewhere. It’s a short, punchy domain with no vestiges of early internet days. Jay Harris – Founder Fluri

After looking extensively, without luck for a domain name that matched their apps name perfectly they found the .SKI extension which made it clear what they were about and helps them stand out among other software providers in the industry and elsewhere. With the high levels of availability currently in .SKI, they were able to find a short, punchy domain with no vestiges of early internet days.

At .SKI we’re eager to download and begin using the app this season. For the upcoming season Jay says you’ll see features like crowdsourced data, competitive challenges, engaging experiences and e-commerce coming to Fluri.

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Posted on Date:
Monday, January 16, 2017