Blue Sky Cup

Teams of four skiers or more take to the slopes at Vail to ski 40,000+ vertical feet in one day. The team that also completes select on mountain challenges combined with the maximum vertical feet wins the Blue Sky Cup. It’s the best day of the year and will test your limits. We just ask you to ski a little bit harder, for a little bit longer, than any other day of the season.
Participants must attack the entire mountain and ski every lift in the Back Bowls plus complete other tasks while maximizing their vertical feet for the day. 40,000+ vertical has been the historical standard with multiple teams eclipsing 50,000. The event also showcases Vail Resorts’ signature technology, the Epicmix app, which records total vertical and runs for the day while guiding skiers to the shortest lift lines on the mountain.
We strive to create a fun, competitive atmosphere, but we emphasize skier safety above all else as the main goals are to raise money for research and have a good time.
The event was founded by Jim Nollsch and Hayden Fisher, and in 2015 collaborated with the National Arthritis Research Foundation to raise money for the cause.
Our primary goal for the Blue Sky Cup is to raise money for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Research. Mr. Nollsch suffers from RA, as does his father, William Nollsch, and his late grandmother, Anabell Nollsch.
In addition to raising funds, the Blue Sky Cup is a celebration of skiing, the challenge to ski 40,000 feet in a day, a focus on helping others and having a lot of fun!
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Tuesday, May 8, 2018