Top US Ski Resorts All Have .SKI Domains

Top US Ski resorts across the United States all claim to be the biggest in something. Whether its the amount of snow fall, number of runs, lifts or even the number of bars there is always someone claiming to be the best at something, which often tends to be in dispute. But we all know there is only one measurement that can’t be disputed, skiable acres and the top five US ski resorts by size have a lot skiable acres.

When it comes to attracting visitors to resorts, skiable acres goes a long way. Skiers want to be able to explore, never do the same run. Most importantly, people want enough room to not have too wait in lift lines and enough space that on a powder day they can always find a fresh stash even if they sleep in.

The top us ski resorts by acres are increasing their reach to new customers by all have a .SKI domains either actively forwarding to their main website or currently in development for something great. Having a short, memorable and catchy .SKI domain name is critical for any ski resort that wants to grow. More than two-thirds of daily global Internet users arrive at a website via typing in a domain name into the browser, compared with just 14% from search engines.



.SKI Domain




Park City Mountain Resort




Big Sky

In Development







Heavenly Resort




Squaw Valley




A great example of one of the top US ski resorts with a great .SKI strategy is Squaw Valley in California. Although their main site is located on, they actively web forward people who use to their main site. This simple web forwarding can be done in seconds at any domain name company once the name is registered. Squaw Valley have instantly expanded their reach online with web forwarding. The domain is also a fantastic, short and memorable domain that instantly resonates with skier.

Top global resorts are also proving to be early innovators with the way they utilize their .SKI domain names with 9 out of the top 10 global ski resorts all utilizing .SKI domains. One such example is Val d’Isere in the French Alps. Val d’Isere is utilizing as the main URL for their new dedicated day and season pass sales website. 

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017