Try the new startup Huski this season.

Here’s a fact we at .SKI didn’t know. Approximately 57% of people who visit the Alps choose self-catered accommodation. For the skiers who are renting a chalet or apartment but taking on the shopping, cooking, cleaning themselves this can mean a lot of time off the slopes, which sucks. Well that’s where where the guys at Huski come in.

Huski, launching this season using the two letter .ski domain HU.SKI is a convenient online delivery service, bringing food, drink and concierge services like ski rental or childcare to skiers in a fast, friendly and premium way.

For those thousand of people who are renting a chalet or apartment but taking on the shopping, cooking, cleaning themselves Huski is offering a better way to get all that stuff done. Their vision is to give ski holiday makers who want to maximize their mountain fun the type of time and money saving service they get through their smartphones when at home.


Huski is not only convenient but also localized. Their product range is sourced mostly from local suppliers and service providers who have been carefully chosen. In addition they also proud to be the only international distributors of a very highly rate UK homemade frozen food brand called Cook. 

Having a strong, easy to remember online presence is critical for a brand like Huski and they found an innovative way to stay top of mind with a unique way of using a .SKI domain. We asked founder Patrick “Paddy” Griffith why they chose a .SKI domain.

For Huski a .SKI domain was a no-brainer. It felt like Huski were the company the .SKI extension was created for. As a mountain specialist brand, .SKI was was a great fit and with a name like Huski, the .SKI domain helped us come up with a super short and very cool URL for the home of our e-commerce business. ticked all the boxes for Huski. Paddy told us they found the prices reasonable, the process easy, and are are excited about the differentiation it gives us. looks great on the back of our vans. How many other brands can go to market with a memorable 5 letter URL?”

Huski went through the critical decisions all startups go through when choosing their main domain. Paddy say, we did what all startups seem to do and sweated on our name for weeks, endlessly checking which domains might be available. When we came up with we knew it was right for us, after a quick search at United Domains. We quickly decided that the .SKI domain would give us a point of difference and went for it. Being 100% made for the mountains.

They felt that unlike a .com that says nothing about their provenance .SKI would say it loud and clear: Huski is local, specialist and passionate where we do business. Huski hopes skiers will not only respond to that passion but will also start to view .SKI as the domain for Alpine specialists and choose them over domain generic companies who might also be working in our patch. We think they will 

Huski is launching its Beta this season on December 1st in France’s Tarantaise Valley, home to some of the great resorts like Val D’Isere, Tignes and Les Arcs who incidentally also actively use .SKI domains. They plan over the next 5 years to grow to cover the whole of the European Alps. Keep checking back in with (not hard to remember) as they might be at a mountain near you very soon.

There are hundreds of two character .SKI domains currently available at domain name registrars. Your business or brand can stand out amongst the crowd just like Huski!

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Friday, January 13, 2017