Tanner Hall Releases His Two Year Film Project On .SKI Domain

A seven time X Games Gold Medalist, Tanner Hall is an action sports icon and legend. Throughout his career he has won awards and competitions for halfpipe, slopestyle, big air, and backcountry films. Tanner Hall is back with his long awaited ski film Ring The Alarm which was recently launched on his new website located on the .ski domain www.tannerhall.ski. For the last 2 years Tanner and his friends shredded their all-time favorite ski zones in North America and sent all the footage to long-time filmmaking collaborator Shane Nelson.

We asked Executive Producer on Ring The Alarm, Tom Yaps about the movie and Tanner’s inspiration for the two year project. Yap’s says the two year film project, is really all about him getting back to the roots of skiing, and helping people understand and appreciate the mountains, and lifestyle that he is so grateful for. This project was super important to Tanner, and he knew that in order to do it correctly, it would take two winters. Two separate trips to AK. Multiple trips to Retallack. The planning and resources that went into the loop alone took up a lot of this winter. Luckily Tanner had a lot of support from Rockstar, Oakley, GoPro, Armada and other partners and all were patient so that he could take his time and get the project right.

Yaps also told us why Tanner and the team decided to launch his official website and movie on the tannerhall.ski rather than a .com. We went with .ski because Tanner is a skier, first and foremost, and it made a ton of sense to even further identify him with skiing. Yaps went onto tell us that even aside from personal branding, every athlete should have their domain, just to protect it from outside poachers. And it’s a huge help to have your own site, with clear contact info, and a chance to showcase your sponsors and social media feeds.

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Monday, November 14, 2016